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In the below blog you will see the best 5 free SEO tools which will help you to scale more organic traffic.

Your website traffic is one of the essential factors in advertising your business Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO includes a variety of techniques and strategies. You must analyze and incorporate them into your website to improve your search engine ranking. Analyzing the entire webpage, formulating a plan, and then updating each page one by one is a popular activity. For this reason, we require the assistance of a few important tools that will help us improve our skills. Numerous free and premium tools are available to assist you with SEO tasks.You can also find the best SEO podcast to master SEO skills.

What Is the Importance of Free SEO Tools?

free seo tools

SEO is one of the most effective strategies and methods for increasing the rank of your website. With the use of technologies, savvy marketers have been able to identify crawling problems without having to verify every single URL or follow your visitors manually and their behavior, or even fetch all the Meta tags in minutes. The best Free SEO tools are always a priority for freelancers or SEO businesses, so they always look for the best Free SEO tools.

The following is a list of the best free SEO tools that we use daily at Developing SEO.

1. Google Analytics –

It is a good web analytics service that provides detailed information about your website’s traffic and marketing performance. The tool is completely free to use. Plugins can help you add tracking codes to your website, so you can start tracking your website traffic instantly.

Benefits of Using Google Analytics:

1. It is free.

2. Having the ability to track how your visitors reach your site

3. Capable of identifying which sites and links your viewers are most interested in.

4. Segment your analytic results into groups based on new/returning visitors, topography, and referral sources.

5. Able of optimizing your website

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service. It is a Google-developed tool that assists you in monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting your site’s visibility in Google Searches. It easily monitors and optimizes your website’s traffic. Google’s search console will inform you if your HTML needs to improve.

Benefits of using Search Console:

Google Search Console is a free web service from Google that helps web admins monitor indexing and improve page visibility.

1. Crawl and Fetch in the manner of Google

2. Analysis of Keyword Performance

3. Crawl Errors and Indexation Analysis

4. The Usability of Mobile Devices

5. Google Indexing and Rankings

3. Google Webmaster Tools – 

It is a completely free and extremely valuable feature that Google provides to all website administrators. When Google communicates with web admins, it uses this as the primary means of communication. In addition, it assists in resolving issues and provides a variety of additional tools for enhancing the visibility of websites.

Benefits of Google Webmaster Tools:

1. Confirm the legitimacy of your website

2. Include a Sitemap to assist Google in indexing relevant pages.

3. Make existing posts more appealing to increase traffic.

4. Organize your website’s links

5. Identify and fix any HTML issues and any server errors.

4. Keyword Planner – 

Using Google’s Keyword Planner, you may discover the most relevant keywords for your website and see how much competition there is. This free tool comes with Google Ads. You can use it to explore new keywords, get search volume, and see how many users search for them.

Benefits of Using Keyword Planner:

1. You can use this to analyze and copy your competitors’ keywords.

2. You can locate local keywords much more quickly 

3. This is a fantastic resource for bloggers looking for new things to write about.

4. Easily create AdWords campaigns

5. Use it to assist you in developing a silo structure for your website 

5. Rank Math SEO – 

If you want to make your website more SEO-friendly, you can use Rank Math SEO to do that. For WordPress-based websites, there is no good SEO plugin than this one. This plugin has been downloaded over 135 million times so far, making it the most popular WordPress SEO plugin.

Benefits of Using Yoast SEO:

1. Excellent readability, using five keywords on each page.

2. Get tips to improve your on-page SEO.

3. There are no ads in the premium version to avoid content duplication.

4. Optimal for search engine results pages

Bottom Line:

A good tool selection can also work wonders for SEO. The more familiar you are with Free SEO tools, ranking, indexing, and various other processes, the more successful your business website or blog will be. With millions of online tools, even the best will not know everything. The vital thing is never to stop learning and never stop exploring. The more you learn, the more you can find out.

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