10 ways to increase website traffic in 2021

Best 10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic to Generate more Leads in 2021.

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The thing we mostly suffer is about how to increase traffic on our website which will generate more leads, and this Christmas THE SEO PUNCH is here with best 10 ways to increase website traffic in 2021

When we look after readers, they will hail the content for a long time. To increase SERPs, increase organic traffic, increase profit and sales, etc., a complete strategic approach is necessary.

Using these tricks, you will help your Search engine optimization and improve your chances of being more visible in 2021 and beyond.

1. Ensure The Intent Of The User:

When updating old content or constructing new, user goals should be your top priority. One of the most popular approaches to increasing Website traffic in 2021 is to meet user intentions. This approach is aimed at satisfying customers.

Guidelines to User Intent Satisfaction

a. Think about what sort of audience would read it before you update a content piece. Get in the shoes of those readers and make content accordingly.

There are popularly 3 content types,

1.Navigation, 2) Informational, 3) transactional.

b. Before you start writing, explain which content you create.

c. Build a content marketing strategy to introduce relevant content focused on your demographic and niche.

d. Keep up with the subject or link heading to your page.

2. Adapt For Updated Content:

It is a content update if there is the best way to improve your Website traffic in 2021 quickly. An upgrade and republishing of new content and photos on older blog posts have been found that organic traffic will increase by as much as 106%.

There is no better and easier way to improve the bio traffic of your website than to update old content.

Following tips for outdated content updating

  • Do not run the content update without checking the metrics of the content. Analyze the content part in every aspect. Check Google Analytics for various metrics to evaluate user activity with tools. Check Google Search Console performance to find out which keywords get the amount of traffic.
  • When updating your websites, don’t forget to add multimedia objects.
  • To make your content social and engaging, you can embed tweets, Facebook posts, YouTubes, Pinterest, etc. This also raises the dwell time, which is a sign of a positive experience for consumers.
  • In your content, use shorter phrases and paragraphs. Break the content into lists and subheadings to make it easy to read and scan.
  • If your page’s mobile version isn’t well-formatted, change this to prevent mobile users from skipping away.

3. Share More Information with Blogging:

If you want more eyeballs and more keywords, blogging might be your best choice. It is simple and easy procedure, generates outstanding results, and builds your credibility on the market.

If you can’t get your blogs engaged, note that there’s always an alternative for you. So when you are writing blogs, you must be creative.

Tips on Writing Amazing Traffic Blogs

  • Try not to exceed or curtail a blog’s number of words just because you see your blog posts rank higher.
  • Write for every blog post a minimum of 8-10 headlines and pick the best one.
  • Build a cluster of topics. In other words, a pillar page is created, which fully covers a topic and links child pages covering its subject matter.
  • To boost readability, SEO, and CTR you can optimize your content and title, and URL.
  • Create blogs that share, such as blogs, roundups of experts, etc.

4. Emphasis on Page Speed Improvement:

If your website finds that users spend less time on your site, Google will lower your rank. The less publicity you get, the lower the ranking of your website. This eventually affects your organic traffic, as finding your site would be difficult for users.

Recommendations to Improve Page Speed 

  • Allow browser caching when returning to a website for faster loading.
  • Mitigate response time to 200ms for the server.
  • Remove scripts not used on the tab. To use on your website, compress images below 100 KB.
  • Check and enhance your mobile and desktop loading page and server response time to ensure that visitors do not leave your site due to slow speed.

5. Make Strategic Links

You will be able to access more pages by adding inbound or outbound links to your content.

Tips for building a better link

  • To make users understand, use descriptive text to add links.
  • Avoid sharing 2 reciprocal website links.
  • Make sure it’s not too old when you add links to any source.
  • If you link to a website from outbound, verify that it produces genuine and trustworthy content.
  • To increase the average times on your websites, use an internal link to redirect users from one page to another.

6. Monitor Your Competitors:

You should spy on your competitors and get feedback if you want to improve Website traffic in 2021.

Tips for the Competitors analysis

  • Identify who the current competitors are first.
  • Check out your high-performance website and content.
  • Look for the best things they offer.
  • Assess their pricing structure, unique sales strategies.
  • Search your site, the products, the contents, SEOs, or anything else for improvements.
  • To know more about competitors, revenue, credibility, etc you can use resources such as LinkedIn, Awario, Owler.

7. Using Videos To Market Your Content:

For your business, videos are very relevant. People like to watch and connect to videos. This is the reason why more Website traffic in 2021 is generated by videos.

  • Tips for making amazing videos
  • Specify your buyer before you record the video just like a post.
  • Make an introduction to world-class. If your intro isn’t interesting, your video will be left in less than 10 seconds.
  • Try shortening your videos. You can split a single video into various episodes if it isn’t possible.


8. Try to Guest Blogging

Guest blogging offers more information about your content as you hit your audience when you post articles on other websites. And improve the chances of bringing them on your site and they will recommend your brand to others if they have a great experience.

Guest Blogging Tips for Driving Traffic:

  • Do not post advertising, pop-ups, and several other distractive features on websites.
  • Make your tune irresistible and compelling and don’t let them reject you for any reason.
  • In the guest post that you write, do not forget to add links to your blog.

9. Finding Google My Business (GMB)

In local map searches, Google My Business is a significant leader. The listing of your company on GMB makes identifying and physically reaching your website simple for local users.

The more local searches you can find, you will drive more Website traffic in 2021.

Tips to rank higher on GMB 

  • To set up your corporate account on Google Maps, use Google My Business app.
  • Provide all possible GMB information such as company name, description, images, videos, open hours, contact details, etc.

10. Get active in your niche with others:

You can engage others, too, if you want other people to interact with you. You can also help to increase Website traffic in 2021 by connecting with others.

Tips for engaging in your niche with others:

  • Don’t forget to respond if you get feedback on your posts.
  • You can use your niche for YouTube videos.
  • Do not hesitate to connect the content of other users.
  • Connect and communicate on social media with other brands.

Final Thought:

You need professionals with expertise and deeper knowledge of SEO to execute the strategies for traffic increase. You will increase sales and draw traffic to your site with proper guidance.

Please let us know in the comment section your views about our 10 ways to incraese website traffic in 2021 and feel free to add more points.